Finishing Strong

Every team goes through times like this, when the regular season draws to a close and there will be no playoff run or excitement to follow. As you are well aware,  that is where we sit this year.  The reasons for this situation may vary from team to team, but the stark reality is the same; we will be golfing soon. (As much as hockey players love to golf in the off season, getting out there too soon it not a good sign.) 

At last night’s game against the Spruce Kings, I was amazed.  The crowd was simply awesome,  it was large and loud at Royal LePage.  Even though we did not win the game, I thought the evening was a great win.  I appreciate people coming out to support the Warriors at any time, but especially now when our playoff hopes have flickered and gone out for this year.

In this picture I am sitting in section 109 with a couple of wonderful friends at Friday’s Warriors game against the Spruce Kings.  It was a wonderful evening; what I appreciate more than anything is the way the Warriors fans are finishing strong.  I know that our Warriors are trying hard to finish well, and so to, the fans. Way to go people!

Be encouraged, there are great days for Warriors nation ahead!

In the love of Christ,  Chaplain D



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