Congratulations to Max French, who just received a scholarship to Bently University!  This is a wonderful accomplishment, and a continuation of the great Warriors tradition of sending players on to further their education and their careers.  Max joins an incredibly long list of Warriors that are studying and playing hockey all over the continent.  Max will join former WarriorsTyler Krause, Matt Maher, Alex Grieve at Bentley.

Just this year, other Warrriors that are committed to scholarships are Connor Dempsey to Dartmouth, Marcus Basara to Alaska-Faribanks, and Garrett Skribich to Princeton.  A hearty congratulations to these Warriors!

I have found over my life that committment is the result of a process in people when they sense value, respect and love.  I know that is how it works with me.  I am committed to my wife, my family and my community.  I am also committed to chaplaincy ministry with the Warriors. Through thick and thin in all of these committments, we will walk this road together.  That is what committment is.  I have found myelf committed to my faith in Christ for that very reason; value, respect and love. When Christ died for me, He committed Himself to all of us.  I am committed to Him in return.

In Christ love,

Chaplain D


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