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In this edition of Chaplain’s Talk, my thoughts and prayers go out to John Hebert and his family.  We support John and Mchelle and their family as they deal with the loss of one of John’s family members.  It is at times like this, that our priorities are challenged, and we are reminded of just what is truly important to us.  God be with you and strengthen you John, as you walk through this very difficult season.

Let’s never forget that when the game is over, the arena is empty and the lights have been turned off, our priorities are all about our relationships.  That is all we have in the final analysis.  And that is why we must always continue to prioritize our lifelong relationships.  For me, I have a fairly short list.  First, I prioritize my relationship with Christ Jesus my Saviour, then with Lorraine and our immediate and extended family, and then with the great friends that I have in the hockey world and also in the Faith Community.

“Surely His goodness and mercy will follow me..” Psalm 23:6

In confidence, Chaplain D




Building Momentum

This has been a great weekend for the Warriors! With back to back wins over the Langley Rivermen, we find ourselves sitting in second place in the Interior Division of the BCHL. In light of this weekend, a couple things immediately came to my mind.

First is that the Warriors have finally found themselves on the right end of a one goal game. Winning pressure-packed close games is imperative if any hockey club is to have success down the stretch, so it was great to see a 4-3 victory on Saturday night at RLP. The second is that the Tribe is beginning to build some valuable momentum as the season is now well into it’s second month. Even though momentum might seem to be an intangible, it is one intangible that all teams definitely covet. Momentum is generally displayed through these 3 C’s: Confidence, Consistency and Commitment. I look for these characteristics to be the Warriors calling card as this season progresses. As that happens, our team will simply be incredibly hard to beat.

I have a firm belief that building momentum in each of our lives is tremendously valuable as well, it fact it is imperative. I speak with literally dozens of people each week, and every one is desiring momentum of some kind in their life. I am very sure that the same 3 C’s that are necessary for momentum in a hockey club are also necessary for individual people. My sure foundation for the 3 C’s is found in my personal faith in Christ, who provides momentum every day of my life.

2 Corinthians 12:10 “In Christ, when I am weak, then am I strong.”

Confident, Consistent and Committed,

Chaplain Don