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It’s Go Time!

After a short break, we are getting ready to get back at it… the second part of our BCHL season.  It’s time to look forward and strive for what we have always known that we can achieve.  While we did not finish off before the Christmas break the way that we wanted to, I am confident that things will fall into place as we turn the calendar to 2013.  In a concise statement, it’s Go time….!  Not a time to wait, it’s time to Go!

As a chaplain, I have always known that it’s Go time.  Time to love people, time to care for people, time to show Christ’s love.  That is a true Christian calling.  Over Christmas it was Go time when Stuntman Steve ended up in the hospital.  It was an honour to visit with him, encourage him and say a prayer with Steve and Alana.  I am so grateful that my good friend is now back at home recovering.  Steve, may God bless you and your family and may He give you strength as you get back on your feet.

Also, I am praying for John and Michelle Hebert as John’s sister passed away just before Christmas.  May God strengthen you, Michelle and your family John.

Kent LaFleur and myselfHere is a cool shot of Kent LeFleur and myself at a recent game.  I saw firsthand just how skilled Kent is down on the timekeepers bench when I manned the home penalty box for a game.  Believe me, he knows what he’s doing.  Between him and Brent Fournier, things rum smoothly in the penalty box.  Kent, you are a good man and I am proud so say that you are my friend.

Okay Tribe, we have come to the point in the season where it’s Go time… let’s do this!

Looking forward in faith,

Chaplain D



Today as I sit in a coffeshop (no surprise there….)  and write Chaplainstalk, I am trying to write about all of the goings-on in Warriorville, but I just can’t get other things out of my mind.  So, I will yield to those thoughts for this post.

This has been an unforgettable week, and not for sports news…. a week in which a New England community was devastated by an unimaginable muderous rampage.  In Newtown Connecticut, a young man shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults in an elementary school.  Reports say that he was in possession of a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns.  I am desperately trying to resist my thoughts on the overwhelming presence of guns in the US.  I know it’s not guns that kill people, but it’s also not people alone…… it’s people with guns. I am all for freedom, but it might be time to realize that perhaps unchecked freedoms can and do kill us.  As a Christian chaplain, I have read many times in the Bible about how that unchecked freedom generally begins to look more like bondage than freedom.

I pray for the families of those who were killed.  They never imagined that Christmas would look like this, but here it is.  I pray that they will somehow know God’s peace, as they try to cope as best as they can.  Please join me in your thoughts and prayers for these people who have lost so much.

Clinging in faith to the Hand of God,

Chaplain Don

The Best Christmas Turkey Hamper Night

What a great evening at Royal Lepage Place last night!  The big black Shutout Sports Collectibles truck outside slowly filled up with food, as the arena filled up with people.  It really did have a family feeling as people donated groceries and then proceeded throughout the evening to drop by the Turkey Hamper Drive raffle table at the top of section 101.  I want to give a huge thank you to the Warriors for allowing me the freedom to host this fabulous evening.  I simply could not do it without the great help of so many Warriors peeps.

At the 2nd Annual Turkey Hamper DriveWhen it was all said and done, almost $2000 was raised for Christmas Hampers for needy families.  This Christmas Hamper Drive is held in cooperation with my home church in Kelowna (Evangel Church) plus many of the churches and schools in West Kelowna.  Also, we could not have reached our goals this year without the great support of ServiceMaster and Save On Foods, both in West Kelowna.  On top of all this, the RCMP (Lake Country, Kelowna and West Kelowna) and Ultimate Hockey in West Kelowna have come on board as well, comtributing food and cash and toys.  I will give a final total on my next Chaplainstalk once the last dollar is donated.

So, thank you all for your kindness, generosity, your love and help in this benevolent evening.  I was overwhlemed at the outpouring of support that was shown to this worthy cause and to me personally.

I will not forget that there was a great game played last night, with the Tribe coming out with a solid 4-2 win over Vernon.  It was great seeing Captain Max back in action after a lengthy absence!  I think that we are now starting to see the momentum that we have all been waiting for.  The Warriors are going to make some serious noise before this season is over!

God Bless You All,, thank you and may this Christmas truly be Joy to the World, the Lord has come.

In quiet confidence,

Chaplain Don

Starting the Christmas Season Right

With Warriors Dustin CaveWhat a great way to head into December; a 7-1 home ice victory over Vernon!  However as I proclamed in my last blog that consistency is the mark of true champions, we’ll have to see how the return game goes.  Another win would certainly start the Christmas Season right.  We have a great opportunity right now to put a good win streak together before the Christmas break.  I had this picture taken of a happy Dustin Cave and myself right after the big win on Friday night.

Yes.  I said Christmas Season.  While I understand that it might not appeal to everyone, to me Christmas is Christmas, not merely ‘the Holidays’ or the ‘Season’.  It is very tempting to neuter Christmas, taking the potency out of a celebration that has always been set aside to honour the birth of Christ.  But I honestly can’t do that.  Christmas appeals to the real person on the inside.  It is not only a time for good will and human kindness, but so much more.  It is a time to acknowledge that there is a God who is far greater that we are; One who sent Christ to earth to save us.  Undoubtedly, the twisted human history of Christianity has been absolutely brutal, however it must never detract from the beautiful heart changing mission of Christ.  So when I say Merry Christmas this month, I really mean it.  It is what it’s always been; Joy to the World, Peace on Earth.

Now for the Tribe, let’s roll this month…… and start the Christmas Season Right…!

Chaplain D