Game On!

The new season has begun and we are already at game 5 this evening! Coming off two losses at the BCHL Showcase in Chilliwack, it’s great to be sitting at 2 – 2 right now.

I am looking forward to a great year of exciting hockey this season, and since I had to miss the last two games, this will be my ‘home opener’ at RLP.  I also anticipate a good year of Warriors chapels.  Our chats will be filled with discussion, quietness, a prayer, ever-present pizza, and of course, C Plus Orange pop!

I am honoured to serve as the Warriors chaplain since their beginnings here in 2006.  So over the next months, I’m sure that we’ll see you all at the arena.

I wish to send out a special thanks to Mark and Janelle Cheyne and Coach Rylan Ferster for allowing me to be a part of the Warriors family.  To the players, whether veterans or new, I looks forward to chapels this season.

May God bless you all,

Chaplain D





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