Monthly Archives: October 2013

Owning Our ‘Stuff’

We have had some real good chapels already this year!  One of the lessons that I am trying to communicate at our chapels is to be selfless and to give value to others.  I firmly believe that as we implement this wonderful Christian principle as a team, the more success we will have.  The truth is that it’s not an easy default to ‘scan the room’ in order to see the bigger picture.  Self focused people generally are smaller thinkers, only concerned primarily about their own interests.  (Philippians 2:3-5  “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, … look not only to your own interests, but also the interests of others, your attitude should be the same as Christ.”)

It 2013 Warriors picis so incredibly easy to be distracted by other people’s ‘stuff’, to be frustrated or offended about what they are struggling with.  Too often, this really is due personal insecurity, which tends to lead us to compare with other and their ‘struggles or issues’.  The hidden end game then is basically deflecting having to deal with our own stuff by concentrating on others failings or shortcomings.

In the New Testament, the disciple Peter said to Christ concerning John, ‘What about him?”   Jesus answered this way, “What is that to you?  Your task is to follow me.”  What He was saying in His gracious way is the subject of my blog today — Own Your Own Stuff!

I am encouraged by our 2013-14 Warriors, as a group of quality young men and as a solid hockey club.  While we have been ranked in the top 20 in Canada for a while now, (which undoubtedly is a great honour) personally I don’t really give the ranking much weight.  I do know this: we have the team to make some serious noise this year.  We have a group of great young men who also possess no shortage of high end skill combined with a good work ethic.  GM/Coach Rylan Ferster and his staff have done a tremendous job in assembling an incredibly talented hockey club this season.

With a skilled crew of high character veterans, plus a great influx of new players, and the very recent re-acquisition of Reid Simmonds, we have the makings of a very formidable team this year.  I eagerly anticipate some great things as we proceed through the season.  With good health and a few bounces, I’m thinking that we’ll be just fine.

Whether on the ice or off of it, the key to success for not only the Warriors, but for all of us is to ‘Own our Stuff.’  Take it from the words of Christ Himself. “What is that to you, just follow Me.”

With unwavering Christian faith,

Chaplain D