Monthly Archives: November 2013

Perseverance of a Warrior

In the last few weeks, things have been slightly rough on the ice for our Warriors.  What was rolling along quite nicely in September/October has hit a slight snag.  But take heart: these stretches happen during a long season, and I’m sure that we will see a marked improvement in the next while.  We are too good of a team to let this continue.  We are too committed, have too much leadership, are too loyal, too talented, and too proud (in a good way) to have this rough patch stretch on for a long time.  As I am getting to know our boys better each time we meet for chapel, I am confident that there is great character in the room and that this character will show itself.  I am convinced that our team will persevere on the ice and come out winners in the end.

We have recently celebrated Remembrance Day, honouring our military servicemen and women who have persevered through the unspeakable horrors of war on behalf of our great nation.  They all understand the perseverance of a warrior more than any of us ever will.  While I feel it is just not right to compare the perseverance of these veterans with the challenges of our young Warriors team, I do think that we can and must learn from their example.

Perseverance is never much fun: it’s just not a fun word!  I connotes hanging on when it feels easier to simply let go.  Perseverance is a learning experience, learning to get along when circumstances are not the best, learning not to blame others, learning to resist being selfish, learning to take ownership of what we need to.

In Romans 5 in the Bible, I read that difficulties produce perseverance, and perseverance produces character.  I take this to heart when I think of difficulties that we face daily.  (And yet our difficulties pale in comparison to those that people are facing around our globe this very day.)  I choose to develop character by persevering through difficulties; I choose to walk in faith, knowing that God has promised – not to spare me from hard times but to strengthen me through it all.

So have courage.  Persevere.

In His strength,  Chaplain D