It’s Time for Season 9!

At Williams Lake Hockey Camp 2014

On the ice at the Williams Lake Camp.

Hello all you Warriors peeps!

Welcome to another season of my Chaplain’s Talk blog.  I will be publishing a new post every two weeks or so.  I hope you’ll check in and enjoy reading my Chaplain’s ramblings, and don’t be shy to give me a reply!

It’s been a great summer off, but with September here, it’s time! My July and August have been spent coordinating and maintaining the growing number of BC Hockey Ministries chapel programs (now 41)that will be operating this fall. Beside working on the chapel programs, I was involved in helping coordinate our 5th Annual Hockey Ministries Christian Hockey Camp in Williams Lake.  This year we had 42 campers registered for the week long event.  I want to thank and recognize Corwin Smid, who serves as the Camp Director.

In mid August, in honour of our 35th wedding anniversary, I took Lorraine to the Oregon Coast for a two week vacation; one of the very best holidays that we have had.

I wish to welcome all of our veteran Warriors back and also our new players for the first time.  I have had the honour of serving as the Warriors chaplain for all of their 8 seasons here in West Kelowna, and I’m definitely looking forward to season 9.  To all the players, our chapels will begin later in September.  I am choosing to believe that THIS IS THE YEAR!  It’s Time for Season 9!

I’ll end my blog with a verse from Philippians 4 of my Warriors New Testament, which says this: “I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength.”  I base my entire life on following my Lord, and I pray that in some way I can encourage you all along your life journey.  So, let’s do this!

God bless you all, I look forward to seeing you at RLP.  Let’s Go Warriors!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Don Richmond, Chaplain



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