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The Heart Attack Gang

It is just me, or are many of you noticing that this Warriors season all about overtime?  Now I’m not a big stats guy, but according to my elementary math, after 24 games the Warriors have gone to overtime 10 times!  That means that over 40% of this season’s games have been decided by either 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 hockey!  How exciting! How stressful! It’s like an 11 week advertisement so far for Advil or Motrin!  We need a sign at the entrance to RLP which says, “Entering this arena for Warriors hockey could be hazardous to your heart!”

According to the same math skills as mentioned above,  (btw, I was never great at Algebra, Calculus or Trig) I believe that we are 5 wins and 5 losses in those 10 overtimes.  Also, whether the Warriors are at home or on the road, results in the extra sessions are pretty much an even split.  And of course the trouble with overtime is that both teams get points, so it’s difficult to put any distance between conference rivals in the standings when overtime is so prevalent.  Yep, this year’s edition of the West Kelowna Warriors Junior A Hockey Club could be labeled The Heart Attack Gang.

Speaking of Stress: None of our lives are exempt from it, in fact Warriors overtimes are most likely the least of the stresses that we face.  Stresses such as serious health, relational or financial issues can be incredibly debilitating.  I speak constantly with people who are barely hanging on to their sanity, trying the very best they know how to make it through their weeks and months.  Others try to appear as though everything is great, while inwardly they are dying.  Oftentimes this stress results in physical problems; showing itself in varying heart conditions, in headaches or depression.

Let me be clear here: much of our lives are filled with wonderful people and fabulous times.  For those times in my life I will never neglect to be truly thankful to my Lord.  However, great times are usually accompanied with a paradoxical twin, kind of like two parallel rails on a train track.  One track in wonderful and the other is struggle, and they both exist at the same time.  Within that struggle, I have always directed people to trust in the love and mercy of Christ.  I have found that in the real world that I speak to people about, Christ has proven to be such a Calmer of the storm and a Peace in turmoil.

Thanks for reading my Chaplain’s blog.  If you’d like to connect with me, my email address is  I’d love to have a coffee or a chat with you.  Meanwhile, let’s keep cheering for our Heart Attack Gang!

With Christ’s love,

Don Richmond, Warriors Chaplain












Trust Capital

If there is anything that I have come to realize over years of dealing with people, whether in hockey chaplaincy or other ministry, it is this: that along the often discussed pathway to success much is made of (and quite deservedly so) skills, education and hard work while integrity, care, compassion, humility, love, and trust are often forgotten ingredients on the journey.  This latter part of the list I choose to call Trust Capital.  My question today is this: just how healthy is our Trust Capital account?   Smilin D

In my coffee chats with dozens of hockey players over the years, (and many already this year) I have noted how that besides talking about the obvious on-ice skills that are needed to play our much loved Canadian game, our conversations very often drift to an incredibly high value placed on what I label as Trust Capital.  Everyone seems to  be looking for it in every compartment of life, from the arena to the boardroom, from the dressing room to the bedroom.  In the final analysis, given enough time, our Trust Capital will make us or break us.  That is how important it is.  I am convinced that it makes no difference whether we have an enthusiastic or perhaps a contemplative personality, Trust Capital will still be our ticket to ride.

I have come to appreciate this bible verse very much over the years.  It is from Proverbs 3 and goes like this: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on what you  think you know.”  If I lean on my own understandings and thought process exclusively, I will all too often come to the end of my day and realize too late that I was way offside on some of my reasoning and rationale.  It is at that instance, that I am glad for my Proverbs verse.  In fact, it is verses like this that have lead me to my lifelong faith in Christ, and what a difference my faith has made!

To wrap this blog up in a nice bow, my point is that success, whether as a Warriors team or as individuals, has a whole lot to do with Trust Capital. I have noticed that on the ice, our Warriors are slowly but steadily getting better as the season goes along.  I have no doubt that the trend will continue, with the very best still yet to come.  Off the ice, be it in the stands, in our hearts, in our relationships or in our homes, the same Trust Capital will make the difference there as well.

God bless you all, and please know that I’m always available for a coffee and a good honest chat.

Chaplain D