Trust Capital

If there is anything that I have come to realize over years of dealing with people, whether in hockey chaplaincy or other ministry, it is this: that along the often discussed pathway to success much is made of (and quite deservedly so) skills, education and hard work while integrity, care, compassion, humility, love, and trust are often forgotten ingredients on the journey.  This latter part of the list I choose to call Trust Capital.  My question today is this: just how healthy is our Trust Capital account?   Smilin D

In my coffee chats with dozens of hockey players over the years, (and many already this year) I have noted how that besides talking about the obvious on-ice skills that are needed to play our much loved Canadian game, our conversations very often drift to an incredibly high value placed on what I label as Trust Capital.  Everyone seems to  be looking for it in every compartment of life, from the arena to the boardroom, from the dressing room to the bedroom.  In the final analysis, given enough time, our Trust Capital will make us or break us.  That is how important it is.  I am convinced that it makes no difference whether we have an enthusiastic or perhaps a contemplative personality, Trust Capital will still be our ticket to ride.

I have come to appreciate this bible verse very much over the years.  It is from Proverbs 3 and goes like this: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on what you  think you know.”  If I lean on my own understandings and thought process exclusively, I will all too often come to the end of my day and realize too late that I was way offside on some of my reasoning and rationale.  It is at that instance, that I am glad for my Proverbs verse.  In fact, it is verses like this that have lead me to my lifelong faith in Christ, and what a difference my faith has made!

To wrap this blog up in a nice bow, my point is that success, whether as a Warriors team or as individuals, has a whole lot to do with Trust Capital. I have noticed that on the ice, our Warriors are slowly but steadily getting better as the season goes along.  I have no doubt that the trend will continue, with the very best still yet to come.  Off the ice, be it in the stands, in our hearts, in our relationships or in our homes, the same Trust Capital will make the difference there as well.

God bless you all, and please know that I’m always available for a coffee and a good honest chat.

Chaplain D


One thought on “Trust Capital

  1. Murray Fairweather says:

    Don. Thanks for the link. I read all the first page back to April 2013. You are doing amazing work with these young players. May the Lord continue to bless you. We are returning Nov. 11 from AZ and will call you. Take care. Murray

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