Monthly Archives: September 2015

Great Start in Warriorland!

Here we are, already well into another Warriors season!  I am so pumped to be a part of what is happening this year in Warriorland….  It is really special.  One thing is for sure, I’ve NEVER seen such a big defence corps in my 16 years of chaplaincy in the BCHL.  These guys are huge!

Coming off of a very solid 2-win BCHL Showcase weekend in Chilliwack, there is cause for confidence and optimism. (Yes, it’s still very early, but confidence and optimism are always a good thing..)  As far as chapels go, I am pleased.  We have an awesome bunch of young men here.  We’ve had just a couple chapel times together so far, and I am convinced that this will be a good character year.  We have a great leader in Captain Kyle Marino, who I am very thankful for.  Kyle is so easy to work with, which makes what I do a real joy.  Thank you Captain Kyle!

I am looking forward to two annual Warriors events this season that I am responsible for; the 5th Annual Christmas Hamper Night which will be on Friday, December 4, and our 7th Annual Faith Night which is on Friday, February 19.

Please stop and say hello as we meet at Warriors games this year, it’s going to be a fun ride!

May God bless you all, with grace and peace,

Warriors Chaplain Don Richmond