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Growing Together

2015 Opening Night with Lenetta Parry

Opening Night with Lenetta Parry

I think that it is fair to say that this 2015/16 edition of the West Kelowna Warriors hockey club has a huge upside with a ton of potential.

Yes…. I wrote that overused term: potential.  However I am convinced that with the combined size (which has increased substantially) and skill of this team, this is the kind of club that could be very difficult to play in a seven game playoff series.  The excitement of hockey is to watch this group of athletes begin to set aside all private agendas and buy into the team-first mentality.  And that, my friends is not an easy task.  What we are asking our Warriors to so is to grow together.  My dear old Dad, who is now 89 years old (and literally a walking miracle) has told me often, “Son, if we don’t hang together, we’ll hang apart. So we choose together, because we are better together.”  In the same way as my Dad was speaking of family, the principle is the very same with our Warriors club.

In our last Warriors chapel together, we talked about what faith in God means to the players, if anything at all.  (We have quite open and honest discussions in chapel, which I completely appreciate.)  We talked about how that when we are happy and celebrating, or down and discouraged, angry or tempted to be dishonest, or a host of other defining moments in our lives, how that faith in God provides a greater context in order to help us choose well in our times of crisis or need. I have found that a faith in God puts everything into a much bigger perspective, and that brings peace and purpose.  After all, we are all growing in our perspectives and hopefully we are Growing Together.

May God’s Grace and Peace be yours,

Chaplain Don Richmond