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In this edition of Chaplain’s Talk, I thought that I would write a little about what I am convinced is an incredibly important ingredient, yet at times an undervalued part of any successful team; that ingredient being unity.

When I was in grade 7, we had a fun team building day at school. I loved it because we didn’t have to sit in class that day.  We were divided up into groups of 7 and given number of events to compete against the other groups.  One of the many competitions was a tug-of-war.  Our team was certainly not the biggest or heaviest and definitely not the strongest, but we thought that what we would do is learn to pull together on the rope at exactly same time.  As the competition got going, we disciplined ourselves to pull almost like a pulse; we would pull and relax, pull and relax and so on.  What we  found was that instead of all of us pulling randomly at will, that we could achieve victory by our disciplined all-pulling-together strategy.  And it worked!  I think there were many surprised people that day at our school, as we  won the tug-of-war.

As a team chaplain, I have seen the same principle in action with a hockey team on the ice but especially in the dressing room.  When every member of the team learns to pull together without ego getting in the way, the whole becomes much greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Just recently this topic of unity was our main discussion point a Warriors chapel.  I think that this principle of setting aside ego and working in unity really is a game changer.  When you have evenly talented teams playing against each other, I am convinced that unity will find it’s way to the top.  Even after our final chapel prayer, I had quite a few guys chatting with me and signing up for coffee with me….

Finally, I had a great time at the BCHL Showcase this past week watching the Warriors with-trevor-miller-in-the-broadcast-boothcome away with 2 wins; one against Chilliwack and the other against Coquitlam.  (I can’t forget to mention what great games Quinn Foreman had, scoring 5 times in those two Showcase games, with the entire team playing hard and doing well.)  I also want to thank our play by play broadcaster Trevor Miller for welcoming me into the booth to sit beside him and do colour commentary for the two games.

Thanks for reading Chaplain’s Talk, I trust that you will be encouraged by it.

God bless you all, Chaplain Don








Opening Night, Banner Night!

2016-09-09-19-05-31What a great celebration in West Kelowna to start the new BCHL season!  With a wonderful crowd filling Royal LePage Place, the stage was set. Right from the introduction of the new team, the night just kept rolling.  The Triple Crown trophies came out, our RBC shutout winning goaltender Matt Greenfield was introduced along with mighty mites Brendan and Kaylene Ritchie (the heart of Warrior fandom),  and we were off and running!  After Brendan, Kaylene and Matt dropped the official opening faceoff (which by the way was awesome),20160913_171438

I was honoured to sing our National Anthem with Mike Schell’s Uptown Hornz backing me up.  They were just fabulous and I totally enjoyed singing with them playing.  It just seemed like Royal LePage Place was electric that night, with the cheering and the buzz of 20160913_165348the crowd.  I am quite sure that Warrior Nation left the arena on September 9th with a memory that will never be forgotten in West Kelowna history.

As I write this post today, I just finished my first Warriors chapel of the young season, meeting many players for the very first time.  21 young men and myself gathered together and spent about 25 minutes chatting, eating pizza and finishing with a team prayer.  I look forward to a wonderful season of Warriors hockey, including many times meeting with players and fans one-on-one, laughing, lifting and encouraging. Oh and…. I’ll always offer to say a prayer with you, because that’s just who I am.

God bless you all,

Chaplain Don Richmond