Monthly Archives: September 2012

Back on Track

Have you ever thought that a hockey season is a lot like our life journey, complete with some great victories, a few hurts and injuries, a couple wonderful memories, some inconsistencies and disappointments, and a few things we wish we could do over.  All in all, in both life and hockey, there are continual lessons to be learned. The big question is whether we are willing to swallow some pride, ask for help, and make corrections.

After a fabulous start this season, our Warriors hit a few weekends with some well-placed potholes on the road.  It was so great to see the boys respond on Friday night with a 9-2 victoriy over Trail.  It was a game where 45 shots on goal and a 50% power play were just what we needed to get back on track.  Our boys looked fast and offensively dangerous.  I believe that we are learning from the tough results we had earlier this month, and that we’ll be increasingly difficult to beat as the season continues on.  Kudos go out to our players and coaches for their stellar effort!

My life journey has been similar to the first paragraph of this article.  I could fill in all of those sentences with a personal example, and I have an idea that most of us could do the same thing.  The key to all of our stories is how to get back on track.  Often, dreadful memories from our past paralyze us, and we find it difficult to move beyond those things, with uncertainty and secret fears haunting us for years.  I have found that my faith in Christ has been the answer to getting back on track.  He is my Solid Rock in the time of storm and chaos.

Whether it’s the Warriors on the ice, or any one of us in our own lives, getting back on track is necessary to move forward.

God bless you today, Chaplain Don


Dominating Start!

Yes, it’s true, I am more than a little late in getting my blog started for the new season.

The Tribe sure didn’t get a late start on the season though.  I was in Chilliwack for the BCHL Showcase weekend, and watched our boys light it up all weekend long!  Coming home with a plus 11 goal differential and 2 wins was very exciting to see. The team came together well, and played dominating hockey at the Showcase.  From goaltender Tyler Briggs on out, the Warriors looked very solid and very fast.  They were completely focused on the task at hand and it showed.

I had the priviledge of joining Jon Zacks on one of the game broadcasts, where we did an interview about the chapel program as well as a bit of game analysis.  The broadcast booth we were using was definitely makeshift, and it was a little tricky getting up the stairs, but all in all it was absolutely great.  Jon is a master at making anyone feel comfortable in the broadcast booth, and I thank him for that.

On Sunday morning, I met with the club for breakfast and then held a short chapel at the hotel.  It was my first time to speak to the team in a chapel setting this year.  I wanted to encourage our team to build each other up, and not waste time tearing anyone down.  We have a very solid group of guys, and i sense this could be a special year for the Warriors.  I desire that these chapels help this whole process, assisting the Warriors to stay close as a unit, during this season’s smooth stretches and even more so during the difficult ones.

God bless you all,

Pastor Don, Warriors Chaplain