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All In

It was at one of our recent Warriors chapels that I spoke on the general topic of commitment.  Commitment can mean different things in different situations: commitment in a relationship, commitment at work, commitment in reaching a set goal, commitment to serve or to be selfless, and commitment in a hockey club: whether on or off the ice.

With Warriors former captain Ron Kelly, one of the most 'All In' guys I know.

At a recent game with Warriors former captain Ron Kelly, one of the most ‘All In’ guys that I know

In that chapel, I referenced the Gospel of John chapter 21, where Jesus asked his disciples an awkward question.  As they were sitting around at mealtime, He asked Peter, “Peter, do you love me?”  Now I’ve been around a table full of guys, and believe me, it would be an awkward moment if someone asked one of their buddies the same question as Jesus asked. (In fact, Jesus asked Peter the same question three times at the table!)  There would most likely be a strained silence, and probably a few guys would just get up and leave.  Considering what the situation was at that time, (Christ’s very recent crucifixion and resurrection)  what Jesus was really asking was this: “Peter, are you fully committed, are you ALL IN?”  I then used the distinctly ‘unchapel-like’ analogy of a Texas hold ’em poker game.  That’s right, you read it correctly.  I explained that it’s the time when you are holding an excellent hand and feel that no one is going to beat it.  You continue to raise the pot and when the time is right you declare ‘I’m All In’.  With that, you slide your entire pile of chips to the centre of the table.  You are confident of your hand and you are committed; you’re All In.

When it comes to my personal faith in Christ, I am All In. I will live and die for this trust that I have in my Saviour, the Son of God; my hope for today and my future forever.  When it come to Warriors hockey, All In is the only way.  When we as a team are all in, we are virtually impossible to defeat.  I am completely convinced that this is a true life principle, in relationships, at work, in reaching a set goal, in service and selflessness, in hockey, both on and off the ice.

Champions are formed this way: being ‘All In’ is the only way.

For a Greater Purpose,  Chaplain D