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Consistency, the Stuff of Champions

In every aspect of our lives, one of the keys to any degree of success has got to be consistency.  Any coach would agree that consistency is of primary importance to having a winning season.  We have all heard coaches talk about the necessity to play focused and hard for the entire game.  Teams that do that generally end up playing for a championship.  Consistency is a quality that will turn a really good team into a really great team.

Now I recognize that ups and downs are certainly a part of life, however the more we can achieve consistency, the more we can rise above our challenges.  Oh and by the way, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  But it’s not….. I know from experience.  The biggest battles we face are not on the ice or on the field of play, but they are in our everyday lives.  For me, it is at this point that I turn to my faith in Christ to help me with consistency.  I read my bible consistently, and I ask God for strength in every situation.  I have found that when I lean on His strength, which is far greater than mine, I can be a champion.  I believe that Jesus was a true Champion, and I have determined to follow Him.  Oh and by the way, it works…. I know from experience.  Psalms 18:32  “For it is God who arms me with strength.”

Whether on the ice, at home or at work, consistency is the stuff of Champions.

In faith, Chaplain D




Valuing People

There are many wonderful aspecrts in attending Warriors games throughout the season.  Although my schedule did not allow me to be at RLP for this past weekends games, for me one of those very best aspects is that I get to make my way around the arena and meet people.  Although we are all there to cheer the Warriors on, the friendships and relationships that we develop in the process are sometimes lifelong.  I try to make my way around the rink during each home game, just to chat with the good peeps who are fans of the Tribe.  Of course we all want our boys to win and make a strong run in the playoffs, and we certainly want our them to attain success in their hockey careers and their educational pursuits, when that is all said and done, we will never lose the good relationships that have formed.

Perosnally, I rarely sit in my assigned seating at Warriors games, because I am too busy connecting with people all evening.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very keenly aware and interested in what is happening on the ice, but in saying that, I am also aware that the relationships we all make will last for our lifetimes.  When it comes down to it, it’s about valuing people.  When we get to know each other’s real lives, we can help carry each other during difficulties and trails, as well as celebrate wonderful milestones together.  A great side benefit in coming to the arena weekend after weekend is to cultivate valualble relationships that will continue long after the season is over.

This week, I have included a picture at a recent Warriors game of myself with Carly Malchuk, Ryan Potter and Alex Draper.  I have come to know and appreciate these wonderful people, and I am proud to call them friends.  I pray that I am an encouragement to them and to all of you reading this.  I aslo pray that the trustworthiness and the foundation of our friendship will stretch well beyond the doors of Royal LePage Place.

It’s great to be a part of this Warriors family, and I look forward to the deepening relationships that the future holds. For me, it all stems from my Christian faith, in that God loved and valued me so much that He sent Jesus to earth for me. Now that’s a game changer; value that I can hang my hat on.

God bless you all today, Let’s go Warriors!

Chaplain D


Raising the Bar

Have you ever noticed how some people can walk into a room and in a very short time, the atmosphere of the place seems to lift up?  I feel that this ability is a real gift, and I call it  ‘raising the bar’, almost like it is breathing life into people and lifting their spirits.  In reality, it is the ability to change what is at present into what can be.  I desire this ability; yes I would like to to accomplish this constantly, however I am fully aware that on my own I just can’t.  That is where I lean on my faith in Christ.  He continually gives me a ‘Big Picture’ perspective on people and situations and the desire to care for others and lift them up from discouragement, defeat, distress and a host of other ‘d’ words.

Last night, Coach Ferster allowed me to say a few words to the Warriors and have a short pre-game prayer with them.  I almost never do that, but just felt it would be an encouragment to the boys.  It felt right to ‘raise the bar’, to build up their courage, their confidence and their resolve.  I was so very proud of how the boys played against Victoria.  In spite of injuries, sickness, and various other factors, they really did overcome all obstacles and pull through.  Let me be clear: I take absolutely no credit for their success last night.  I am however, happy to speak confidence, hope, faith and trust into their lives.

Without relying on my Christian faith, I would not and could not do this ‘raising the bar’ stuff or accomplish any chaplaincy ministry for that matter.  So I must render unto God what is truly His, in that without Him, it won’t work.  It is an honour to serve both Him and my hockey community… and it works.

Finally, a verse for today is from the New Testament in Romans 15:5  “May God, who gives endurance and encouragement, also give you a spirit of unity as you follow Christ.”  Now if we take this to heart, then my friends, it becomes the ‘raising the bar’ kind of stuff that we all need.

For a Higher Game,

Chaplain D

Our Unique Canadian Hockey Culture

At Friday night’s game against Salmon Arm, I was honoured to bring a young friend from South Korea who had never attended a hockey game before.  I’ll call my friend Daniel, for that is what his teen friends call him. (believe me, that is not his Korean name… I have a difficult time pronoucing it, and I’m not sure I’ve actually said it correctly yet!)

There were a few things that stood out to Daniel last night, as he witnessed our unique Canadian hockey culture, which by the way he totally enjoyed.  While Canadians are generally considered very polite, safe people by most cultures around the globe, (e.g. the Canadian maple leaf is a wonderful safe symbol to attach to your back pack when your are globe-trotting) our hockey culture is a total anomaly.  I laughed when Daniel was completely surprised that when there was a fight, the referee never told them to stop!  It is a great lesson to realize how differently people view things from a completely fresh lense compared to the ones who have been ‘baptized since birth’ in the culture.   The general rough play was interesting to him as well… the perpetual ‘glove face wash’ after most goal crease action, the rough play along the boards, as well as the overall speed of the game.  I was glad that I could bring Daniel to a Warriors game, and I’m sure he’ll be back.







Last night, I grew in my appreciation for the friends that I look forward to seeing at Warriors games, as well as in my appreciation for our Warriors players, coaches, our owner and for the game that we all love.  Thanks Daniel for reminding us of everything about our unique culture that we wouldn’t trade for anything!

God bless you all today, and by the way, I believe that we are in for a great rest of the season.

“Overflowing with thankfulness…” Colossians 2:7

Chaplain D