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Why I don’t “F” Bomb my Way Through the Day

Before I get to my blog, I want to congratulate the Tribe on another tough win in Merritt.  It is not easy to play on that small ice surface against a hard working Cents club, so our boys did well to come out with the 2 points.  I was not in Merritt for the game, but it would seem that Tyler Briggs was a huge difference in the game.  Good stuff Tyler!

Okay, my title may seem a bit strange today, but it’s been on my minid and heart lately….  This edition is not meant to be a judgement, but simply an observation, a good challenge and hopefully some wise counsel.  Personally, I have always tried to speak without crudeness or profanity, not because I am afraid that God might be angry with me, for I don not view God that way at all.  I am absolutely confident that God is not angry with me, rather that He loves me.

Speaking without crudeness actually takes considerable discipline and self-control, with oen benefit being that I never have to ask anyone to excuse my language.  Also, I can be consistnet, never having to adjust my language when women or children are present, because there is no need to.  Additionally, if my goal is to build my listeners up and leave them filled with courage and confidence, then I have suceeded in that as well.

Once there was a fellow who was angry because his car would not start, and when he was asked what the problem was, he responded, “The ‘f’ing ‘f’er is ‘f’ed!!  It was a rather absurd statement to say the least, let alone a adulteration of the English language.  I desire to have  kind and good expressions flow from the inside of me, for Jesus points out in the Gospels that out of the heart the mouth speaks.

I have found this principle to be true: when I lift people up, I automatically raise myself, when I lower the bar around me, I lower myself as well.  In life, we say that change is good.  This is a good time to raise the bar, to make a change.  For me, I ask God to help me daily, because I cannot succeed in changing on my own.  I’ve come to realize that it’s not a words issue, it’s a heart issue.

Bless you all,

Chaplain D





Road Trip

This past weekend was quite an experience, as I went on my first road trip of the year.  We left Royal LePage Place on Friday around noon and played in Chilliwack on Friday night, then on Saturday took a couple ferries to Powell River and played there on Saturday night.  We finished off the tiring weekend by taking a Sunday morning ferry to Comox on Vancouver Island and playing in Port Alberni on Sunday afternoon.  All in all is was a great weekend, but there was no down time at all.  The boys came out of it with 3 out of a possible 6 points, however the traveling was quite exhausting, and all things considered, we’ll take it.  And, the win in Powell River was enough for the Tribe to clinch a playoff birth.

Just married! Mike and Katia Bois, Lorraine and myselfI am including a picture of our athletic therapist Mike Bois his lovely new bride Katia, Lorraine and myself.  I had the wonderful privilege of performing their wedding ceremony on Sunday afternoon, January 27.  What a beautiful show of support it was to have the Warriors players, staff and ownership attend the ceremony.Warriors and Mike and Katia's wedding

It was encouraging to see the players all take time come and celebrate with Mike and Katia.  I pray God’s blessing upon their new marriage, and that they would have the peace of God is their lives and in their home.

Wrapping up, there are not a ton of games lift in this season, and in no time at all we will be in the middle of our first playoff series.  I encourage you to come out and cheer on our boys as the most exciting time of the season is almost here.

It was great to travel with the team, just to spend a little more time with each of the guys and the coaches.  I am truly blessed to do what I do, and I thank the Lord for the opportunities that I have been given.

Keep looking up, you may be surprised at what you find there…..

God bless you all,

Chaplain D



Never Alone

This past week, I told the team at chapel about the story of King Xerxes of Persia and his beautiful Queen; Esther.  Without re-telling the entire story here, let’s just say that Esther was put in the position of Queen for a much larger reason than that she was simply a stunning beauty.  During the most desperate and dark times of the story, even as Queen Esther was totally unaware, God was working behind the scenes.  The learning in all this is simple: God loves us and He is never far away, even if we don’t see Him.  We are never alone, and He will give us strength in the most difficult times to persevere through.

personalized jersey This week I have included a picture of myself and Jason Agostino, who is the General Manager of Mervyn’s The Body Shop.  At our recent Warriors 4th Annual Faith Night, he was presented a team signed Warriors jersey with his own name plate sewn on the back.  This was in honour of his primary sponsorship of the Warriors Chapel program.  He has provided pizza and drinks for every Warriors chapel since the team moved here from Langley for the 2006-7 season.  Jason is a great friend of mine and a wonderful support.  Thank you so much Jason and Mervyn’s…!

I have been inpressed with how the Warriors have battled through adversity in the last while. Whether the steep mountain involves injury, suspension or sickness, our guys have put all that behind them and have begun their climb to the top.  They have a very impressive record since the new year, and look to be hitting their stride as the end of the season is just a month away. Friday night’s win over Salmon Arm was just one more good step in the right direction.

So please remember this lesson of Queen Esther in the Bible: you are never alone, God is an ever presnet help, even in times of trouble.

May God bless you and …. Roll Tribe Roll,

Chaplain D







Faith Night Miracle

My blog today won’t be long…. just to say that the entire Warriors Faith Night last Saturday was absolutely amazing.

The unique parts of the evening, from the saxophone solo for the National Anthem, the presentation of a Warriors jersey to chapel sponsor Jason Agostino from Mervyn’s The Body Shop, Pastor’s boot hockey, Faith Night video’s, etc. went incredibly well.  The game itself started slowly for the Tribe, but turned around in a Faith Night Miracle!!  Half way through the second period, things looked quite bleak, but 30 minutes of hockey and 7 Warriors goals later transformed a tough night into a great 7-5 comeback vicory.  Great game from all of the team and yes, we had to smile when David Pope shone on Faith Night!  I don’t know what we would have done if Josh Monk was in the line-up as well.  We could have had a Pope-Monk Faith Night special!  (Lucky we don’t have a Cardinal or Saint on the team..)  Anyhow, way to go boys, and way to stick with it!

I will be including a few Faith Night pictures in my next blog, which I’ll post this weekend.

God bless you all this week,

Chaplain D