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Train Track Paradox

Today is an particularly interesting day for me because there is a paradox going on right now in my mind.  First, two years ago today, my wonderful Mother passed from this life into the presence of her Lord.  I have been remembering her throughout this week and especially today.  The other side of the paradox is that the Warriors are on apretty good roll, (as I wrote in my last blog, Roll Tribe Roll!) and it’s really quite exciting.  The guys are starting to feel it; they have turned in some very positive results in January.  Also, the teams they have faced in that stretch are quite impressive: Surrey twice and Merritt twice.  We have collected 14 points out of a possible 18 in the last 9 games.

With Warriors volunteer Dee AlexanderOne lesson I have learned over my years is this, that much of life is a living paradox.  There are not just difficult things happening nor are there only wonderful things happening.  They both take place simultaneously, like two train tracks that parallel each other.  This is normal life, and we shouldn’t think that it is strange at all.  So when you are going through difficult times and at the same time there are great things in other areas of your life, take heart, you’re not alone.  In situations like this, I find a real peace in my heart and mind because of my trust in Christ; knowing that He knows what is ahead and will always walk with me, confort me and give me strength to perservere through.  He never promises to keep me away from life’s difficulties, but He does promise to be right with me through it all.

This week I am including a picture of Dorris Alexander and myself, who is a very faithful, loyal volunteer and Warriors  fan.  Dorris brightens up any room that she is in (as you can see here) and you can find her smiling face at home games in the area just under the press box.  God bless you Dorris, and thank you for your encouragement,

In conclusion, while I am definitely missing my Mom today, I am still encouraged by what is going on in the rest of life.

God bless you all, and let’s go Tribe!

Chaplain D





Roll Tribe Roll

Just today on my Facebook page, I posted the title to this blog… Roll Tribe Roll!  It is so good to see the boys get on a winning streak of sorts.  Admittedly, 3 wins and a tie in the last four games is not a long streak, however it is a streak and we will certainlytake it.  It is as though we are learning how to win, which is not easy but we are getting there.  Every team wants to win consistently, but in an incredibly competitive league like the BCHL, very few actually do.  That is the dividing line, the ability to rise above no matter what the circumstances.  Learning how to win is absolutely key, actually it’s like an art form, a step above the crowd.  It looks like the Tribe is starting to roll!!

By the way, I want to welcome Mitch Nardi and Daniel Gayle to the Warriors; you have come during a very exciting push to the playoffs.  You are valuable additions to an already strong and deep club.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know both of you.

My encouragement today comes from a scripture in the Bible; from Isaiah 40:31.  It says  “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will rise up on wings like eagles, they will run and not get weary and walk and not faint.”  This is a verse for champions, for those who will rise above.  I pray that we can take these words from Isaiah to heart today, and not only continue this roll but to also rise above off the ice in our personal lives and choices.  I do know this: God is a God of love, and if we put our trsut in Him, He will help us rise above.

I look forward to a very exciting Spring of Warriors hockey.  Let’s Roll Tribe Roll!!

In Christ’s Love,

Chaplain D

Raising the Bar

If you have ever worked out at the gym, you will know that it is far easier to lower the bar than to raise it.  One takes discipline, focus and effort while the other requires none of that.  In everyday life, the exact same princple applies.  It’s simply harder to stay focused, keep hope, constantly encourage, and lift others up than it is to let things slide the other way.  This process is most commonly acomplished through the power of our words.

There is no limit to the power of someone’s words.  Words have the power to build up or to tear down.  We have all said things at one time or another that we have regretted and at other times that have been just the perfect encouragement for the situation.  As I told the Warriors in a chapel earlier this season, words spoken are like toothpaste squeezed from the tube; once they are out of our mouths they can’t be put back.  Let’s use our words for lifting each other up, for elevating others when they are struggling, for giving that added strength during times when strength is failing.

My parents encouraged me often when I was a young boy growing up, “You will succeed, we are proud of you, we  will always support you and pray for you and we will always love you.”  Those words of love and support have never left me, and they never will.

In First Thessalonians 5, the New Testament instructs us to “encourage one another and build each other up.”  What a tremendous way to live our lives.  As a follower of Christ, that is a rule that I want to live by,  bringing life through my words and raising the bar no matter where I am.

May God strengthen you all today as you trust Him,

Chaplain D